Benches are probably one of the most important pieces of street furniture. Being in the public realm they experience many different people and situations, first kiss, bed for the night, waiting/spending time with friends or family, or simply watching the world go by, yet on the whole, they lack individuality or any kind of connection with the place they are situated.

 As part of Pangolins Ark at Shoreditch festival I was asked to redesign one of the benches in Shoreditch Park, giving it a sense of identity and belonging to the place it is situated. Using the idea of the shadows cast upon it by near by trees, I aim to capture a moment in this benches life at a specific time of the day using stencilling.

Although it will roughly match up with the shadows cast at this time of the day for the next couple of weeks or so, it will never really meet again precisely, therefore pinpointing a specific time in the benches history, and giving it a sense of belonging in its own environment.

 Materials: Existing Bench and CFC and Lead Free Spray paint.

Copyright Donna Walker, 2010.