In today's consumerist society of six-month leases and three-month fashions, small scratches and imperfections on household furniture, are accepted as reasons for replacement, and disposability is encouraged. As we continue to throw away furniture for the latest 'Ikea' model do we think about how much of the World's resources we are condemning to landfill?

This workshop was held as part of the 'On The Fence - Launch Night with Live Art', at the Holy Trinity Church, Leeds and was an attempt to show people how effectively they can transform broken old furniture, encouraging longevity, and challenging the mass-produced. Using entirely discarded furniture found on the streets of Leeds and donated second hand clothing, the 'Dress-it-up' demonstration fixes broken furniture, and symbolically bandages their wounds with old clothes prepared into a real of bandages.

People at the event were invited to take part and learn the process.

You can see more of the finished products here.

© Donna Walker, 2007.