Shop was part of the 2007 Situation Leeds Public Arts Festival. For more information on the festival please visit www.situationleeds.org.uk

© Donna Walker 2007

It's a natural human desire to possess things, and a common ground that all people share. Objects encourage interaction with the body and are often imbued with memories and associations. We can learn so much about people from their possessions, where they have been, what they like, and even where they are going.

In order to create an alternative portrait of Leeds, the mobile SWAP SHOP and gallery made its way around Leeds city centre in the first week of the festival, stopping off at various locations over 6 days, and inviting people to swap possessions and memories in order to learn something about a person they would normally have never met. All items and memories brought to this event were photographed to evidence what had been swapped, and to represent the people who brought the objects. This formed a continuously evolving collection of images, (which were on display alongside the SWAP SHOP throughout the week), and became an alternative portrait of the people of Leeds through their possessions.

1.Bring along an object and tell us something about that object, an anecdote, how you acquired it, or why you chose to swap it.
2.We will take a Polaroid photograph of the object, and attach a tag with the information you have chosen to tell us about the possession.
3.The photograph will join the collection and represent you in the portrait of Leeds.

4.In return for this kind donation, you are entitled to take something else from the swap shop, gain a new possession which has a story to tell, and learn something about another member of the community that maybe you normally would not have even known existed.

You can view documentation oft his event and the completed swaps by clicking on the appropriate link to the left.