How to Clean a Window AC Unit to Keep It Running Smoothly

How to Clean a Window Ac Unit

Well, you got a rest from the office and are planning to chill but then realize that you have to clean your air conditioner, Sounds dull right? cleaning and maintaining your air conditioning unit may sound like an unnecessary and daunting task. After all, why fix something if it is not broken? Why bother cleaning the stuff when it only meant to keep the house cool? Well here are some benefits of air conditioning and tips for you.

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  • Better Indoor Air Quality

We all love and want a healthy lifestyle, and why not? There’s nothing more important than good health and we try everything to achieve that, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air that we breathe. But ever you thought? What if the air we are breathing in on a day-to-day basis is contaminated?

Let’s keep aside the pollution for a moment and talk about that air inside our home. What if the air inside our home is contaminated? Horrifying isn’t it? There are many sources inside our home that can turn the air contaminated. For example Every time we turn a moldy air conditioner on, it’s spewing mold spores and bacteria into the air and finally into our lungs. So having a moldy air conditioner can result in degradation of air quality because the air conditioning unit does more than just cool the home it also plays an important role in helping to keep the air circulating inside the home clean and healthy. A dirty unit provides a suitable breeding ground for mold, fungi, bacteria, and germs to thrive. Whenever we turn on the unit, these particles get blown into the room and contaminate the air, exposing us, our family, and friends to a variety of respiratory infections and trigger asthma attacks.

  • Improved Air Conditioner Efficiency

cleaning the air conditioner unit regularly allows Air Conditioner to work more correctly by reducing the amount of dust, stress, and pressure. Due to the continuous working the air filters get clogged and become grimy, the regular flow of air is impeded hence making the unit paintings tougher than it ought to be. Similarly, while dust collected over time covers the evaporator coil resulting in lowering its ability to take in heat is impaired, which further reduces performance and potential to cool the home.

  • Less Power Consumption

In general, air conditioners use a considerably big amount of power supply thus resulting in a lot of monthly electric consumption. At identical notice, a dirty air conditioner unit consumes more power mainly because the unit is pressured to paintings harder, elevating its operating prices. Thus by doing the cleaning of the Air Conditioner unit regularly, you can reduce your electricity invoice. 

Regular cleaning of the Air conditioner unit keeps you away from costly future Air Conditioner maintenance and replacement. Leaving air conditioners going for walks in a dirty kingdom will in the end lead to bigger problems or worse a whole failure of your unit. As your air conditioner unit gathers more dirt and dirt, it will become more difficult to smooth which might also lead to steeply-priced substitutes for elements. Moreover, all aircon devices are prone to overheating as the evaporator coils are not able to use up warmness efficiently. These troubles can be avoided with the aid of having your unit regularly wiped clean. This will prevent more expensive repairs, or worse, having to replace your whole air conditioning unit. While it is true that it will cost you money to hire expert cleaners, it is still far cheaper than the costs of future repairs and replacement.

So now you have known the importance of cleaning the Air Conditioner unit now come to the part how to do it? Well for that you will need some home equipments like a screwdriver, a hand vacuum or vacuum with hand attachment, a bucket of warm water, a soap or a detergent, a bristle brush, a Toothbrush, a Can of compressed air, a Cleaning rag or a cloth, a spray bottle And a hydrogen peroxide (3%)

After collecting all the necessary equipment let us start cleaning with the Window Ac Unit to keep it Running Smoothly All Summer.

Step 1: Clean The Air Filter

The first and foremost step is to clean the filter but before doing that let us ensure that the air conditioner is unplugged from the power source. Next, locate and remove the filter on your Air Conditioner unit. Some window gadgets feature filters that absolutely pull out; others might first require the removal of the front cover with a screwdriver. That’s when the screwdriver will come in handy now look at the producer’s guide in the model to determine the nice technique for casting off the Air Conditioner unit’s clear out.

After getting rid of the filter, use a hand vacuum to extract as much dirt and particles as possible. subsequent, seize a bucket with soapy water and a bristle brush and wash the filter out in the sudsy water, lightly brushing it as needed till easy. Air-dry the filter out absolutely earlier than reinstalling it.

Step 2: Clean Air-conditioner Coils And Fins

locate the evaporator coils and fins to your unit, which convert warm air into cool air, and smooth them with the use of a toothbrush or different tender-bristle brush. Be mild and handle the coils and fins with care so as not to bend or harm them. Spray the coils and fins with compressed air to do away with any last dirt and dirt.

Step 3: Smooth The Exterior And Grill

clean the grill of your air conditioner with a humid material or rag. If the filth is full-size, eliminate the grill in step with the manufacturer’s instructions and submerge it in heat soapy water, the use of a broom or rag to clean between the grill’s gaps. Dry the grill completely before reinstalling it. Next, wipe down the pinnacle and facets of the window AC unit with a moist material. in case your AC has a drain and/or drip tray, make certain to clean those as well by emptying them and wiping them clean. permit dry completely before returning to the AC unit.

Step 4: Prevent Mold And Reassemble

the usage of hydrogen peroxide in a twig bottle, treat the outside areas of the air conditioner in which air flows via to defend in opposition to mold and mould. allow sufficient time for all elements to dry completely before setting them lower back in place. Now, all this is left to do is relax, loosen up, and experience your clean AC unit as it blows clean, cool air into your private home.

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